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CMS Tools: Save Detector & Delete Save function v1.0

For RPG Maker 2003 with DynRPG v0.13 or higher

By PepsiOtaku


Save Detector


This plugin should be used in conjunction with BetterAEP (Auto Enter Patch) found here: 


To install with DynRPG, place the BetterAEP RPG Maker 2003 RPG_RT.exe in your folder first, 

then run the DynRPG patcher.

This patch detects if you have any save games present in your game directory, and is specfically

used for your custom title screen. If there are saves present, switch will be turned ON.

If there are no saves, it will be turned OFF.

Delete Save function


This plugin combines my earlier "Save Detector" plugin with a function to delete save files by setting

a variable to the Save's ID. After it deletes a save file, it automatically runs a check to see if all

of the saves have been removed, and changes the save detector switch accordingly.



To install the plugin, make sure that you have patched your project with cherry's DynRPG patch which

can be found here: http://cherrytree.at/dynrpg

1. Copy the "save_delete_and_detector.dll"into the DynPlugins folder of your own project.

2. Add the following (between the asterisks) to your DynRPG.ini 







3. Change the numeric value 4005 & 4009 to the switches of your choice. 

4. Change the numeric value 4002 to the variable of your choice.



In your custom title screen map/common event, create a conditional branch that states IF SWITCH 4005

is ON, run title screen conditions (like pictures and menu commands) for when there are saves 

present, ELSE, run title screen conditions for when there are no saves.

An example use would be if you wanted "Continue/Load" to be grayed out when there are no save

games present.

Another example would be to create some kind of intro if you are opening the game for the first

time, or if there is a save present, go right to the title screen instead.

To use the delete save function, create a Common Event called "CallDeleteGame" set to "Call" and

add the following:

<>Variable Oper: [4002:DynRPG-DeleteFile] Set, ##

Or, set it to the value of another variable (so you can build it into your menu)

When this function is called, the plugin will delete both the .lsd and .dyn files without any

notification. You must build the notification into your menu yourself.

Who's 습작


* 게임소재 자료실 관리자 (2012.04.17 ~ ) / 게임리뷰 게시판 관리자 (2012.08.23 ~ )
* 개인 블로그 : https://eternalworld.tistory.com
└ RPG Maker VX/Ace 메뉴 편집기 등 배포
* 리뷰 블로그 : https://etude87.tistory.com
└ RPG Maker 시리즈 한글패치 정리, 쯔꾸르 시리즈 이용 규약 등 소개
* 프리 게임 한글화 DB : https://freegame.tistory.com
└ 한글화된 해외 무료 게임 정리