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  메뉴 커맨드에서 Quit 대신 스위치를 ON 해주는 것으로 대체하는 기능을 지닌 플러그인입니다. MENU TRANSITION TWEAKS(http://avangs.info/1193178)와 함께 사용하시는 것을 권장합니다. DynRPG가 설치된 프로젝트에서만 구동 가능하며, DynPlugins 폴더 안에 해당 플러그인의 dll 파일이 들어 있습니다. 위 링크를 통해 배포페이지에서 해당 플러그인의 데모 파일을 다운로드 받을 수 있습니다. DynRPG에 대한 내용은 "습작의 스크립트 이야기 : 번외편 - 7편 : DynRPG(http://avangs.info/1031048)"를 참고해주세요. 해당 플러그인의 자세한 사용법에 대한 내용은 리드미를 참고하세요.

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CMS Tools: Quit Switch v1.0

For RPG Maker 2003 with DynRPG v0.13 or higher

By PepsiOtaku


This plugin overrides the default "Quit" command in the main menu and turns on a switch. This allows

you to design a custom menu via common event, and go to it directly from the main menu, the same way

Cherry's CustomSaveLoad patch does with the "Save" menu.



To install the plugin, make sure that you have patched your project with Cherry's DynRPG patch which

can be found here: http://cherrytree.at/dynrpg

1. Copy the "quit_switch.dll"into the DynPlugins folder of your own project.

2. Add the following (between the asterisks) to your DynRPG.ini 





3. Change the numeric value "4025" to the switch of your choice. 



1. Go to Database > String > Page 5 and change "Quit" to the name of the menu you want to make.

   In Everlasting Journey (rpgmaker.net/games/20), I changed this to "System" so I could make a custom

   system menu that not only quits the game, but can change settings like the battle speed, walk/run

   settings, and text speed. 

2. Go into your Common Events, and create a new one with the Trigger Switch set to your "QuitSwitch" in

   the DynRPG.ini (4025 in my example). Set your Trigger to "Autostart" and add the following commands:


<>Show Screen: Instant

<>Message: Hello World!

<>Switch Operation: [4025:QuitSwitch] OFF

<>Open Main Menu


This will get you to your custom menu from the main menu, and back to the menu. From there, design your menu!

Be sure to use pictures & labels to display your menu portions and labels to loop the user around the menu


Who's 습작


* 게임소재 자료실 관리자 (2012.04.17 ~ ) / 게임리뷰 게시판 관리자 (2012.08.23 ~ )
* 개인 블로그 : https://eternalworld.tistory.com
└ RPG Maker VX/Ace 메뉴 편집기 등 배포
* 리뷰 블로그 : https://etude87.tistory.com
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* 프리 게임 한글화 DB : https://freegame.tistory.com
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