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#. 리드미 내용



Kaze Minimap Plugin for RPG Maker 2003 ver 1.01

For DynRPG version 0.14a or higher

By Kazesui


This plugin will generate minimaps with "targets" moving

on it, corresponding to actions on the real map.

For this plugin to work, you will have to install the

DynRPG patch. Once this is done, add the DynMap.dll to the

DynPlugins folder.

Once this is done, you'll be able to perform actions by

comment commands. A comment command can look like this:

@set_target_link "link_variable", 2, V4

set_target_link is the command, while "link_variable", 2 

and V4 are parameters. Worth noticing here is V4 which

refers to the value stored in variable 4.

Some of the comment commands allow for colors as

parameters. The table below gives which colors can be

given as text, rather than numerical values.



- red

- green

- blue

- cyan

- yellow

- magenta

- black

- white

The comment commands:



  no paraemeters

  - creates a minimap for the current map


  parameter#1: nametag for target (text)

  - creates a new target to be displayed on the minimap


  parameter#1: nametag of target (text)

  parameter#2: color from colortable (text)


  parameter#1: nametag of target (text)

  parameter#2: red component from 0 to 255 (numeric)

  parameter#3: green component from 0 to 255 (numeric)

  parameter#4: blue component from 0 to 255 (numeric)

  - Assigns a color to the target either from text

    or from giving the explicit color in rgb format.


  parameter#1 nametag of target (text)

  parameter#2 set type of link (text, see below)

  parameter#3 ID or x component (numeric)

  parameter#4 y component (numeric)

  - links target to a set of coordinates, specified by

    it's type. The possible types to chose from are

    "link_coordinate" = set target to given position

    "link_variable" = x and y parameters give the id

                      of the variables to be used for

                      the coordinates.

    "link_id" = links the coordinates of the target to

                an event with id equal to the id

                id parameter.


      @set_target_link "test", "link_id", 4

      @set_target_link "test", "link_variable", 1, 2


  parameter#1 alpha value (0-255, numeric)

  - sets transparency of the minimap. 0 is entirely

    transparent. 255 is entirely opaque.


  parameter#1 x position (numeric)

  parameter#2 y position (numeric)

  - sets the upper left corner of the minimap in

    screen relative coordinates.


  parameter#1 width (numeric)

  parameter#2 height (numeric)

  - sets the size of the minimap in tiles. every tile

    is given 2x2 pixels on the minimap, meaning a 20,15

    sized minimap will take 40x30 pixels.


  parameter#1 color1 (color from table, text)

  parameter#2 color2 (color from table, text)


  parameter#1 color1 red (0-255, numeric)

  parameter#2 color1 green (0-255, numeric)

  parameter#3 color1 blue (0-255, numeric)

  parameter#4 color2 red (0-255, numeric)

  parameter#5 color2 green (0-255, numeric)

  parameter#6 color2 blue (0-255, numeric)

  - sets the colors of the minimap, either by giving

    the colors from the table in text format, or by

    explicitely giving the rgb components of both



  parameter#1 id of switch (numeric)

  - returns on or off to a switch of choice, telling

    whether there's currently an active minimap.

    the minimap doesn't get saved when you quit the game

    so this is a good way of manually restoring the

    minimap upon loading the game.


  parameter#1 nametag of target (text)

  - removes a target from the minimap


  no parameters

  - destroys the minimap, and all targets on it.

Who's 습작


* 게임소재 자료실 관리자 (2012.04.17 ~ ) / 게임리뷰 게시판 관리자 (2012.08.23 ~ )
* 개인 블로그 : https://eternalworld.tistory.com
└ RPG Maker VX/Ace 메뉴 편집기 등 배포
* 리뷰 블로그 : https://etude87.tistory.com
└ RPG Maker 시리즈 한글패치 정리, 쯔꾸르 시리즈 이용 규약 등 소개
* 프리 게임 한글화 DB : https://freegame.tistory.com
└ 한글화된 해외 무료 게임 정리