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No blend mode, 50% transparency (for comparison) 


Additive Blend Mode 


Subtractive Blend Mode (+ additive ghost) 


Multiplicative Blend mode


2x Multiplicative Blend mode 


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Dynamic Blend Mode Plugin for RPG Maker 2003 ver 1.04

For DynRPG version 0.13 or higher

By Kazesui


This plugin allows you to add Additive and Subtractive Blending modes

to you pictures.

To use this plugin, simply copy the DynBlending.dll to the DynPlugin folder

of you project and it will apply blend modes to pictures with special names.

To add a blend mode to your picture, you will have to alter the picture name slightly

to the form of picture.mode.png (or xyz).

.add = additive blend

.sub = subtractive blend

.mul = multiplicative blend

.ml2 = 2x multiplicative blend

i.e. the filename

"picture.add.png" would apply additive blend mode to the picture when loaded in the maker.

Notice that if you apply a blend mode to your picture, you will not be able

to use magnify, rotation, wavering or colormanipulation for it anymore.

Controlling it's coordinates as well as transparency works as if it was a regular picture

though. please note the transparency is only determined by the "top half" attribute.

Have fun with this plugin!

(And feel free to show me if you do something cool with it)

Who's 습작


* 게임소재 자료실 관리자 (2012.04.17 ~ ) / 게임리뷰 게시판 관리자 (2012.08.23 ~ )
* 개인 블로그 : http://eternalworld.tistory.com
* 리뷰 블로그 : http://etude87.tistory.com
* 팀 블로그 : http://teamel.tistory.com
* 작업물 영상 : https://www.youtube.com/user/juillet29/videos
* RPG Maker VX 메뉴 편집기 : http://eternalworld.tistory.com/426
* RPG Maker Ace 메뉴 편집기 : http://eternalworld.tistory.com/417
* RPG Maker 시리즈 구매 가이드 : http://etude87.tistory.com/69
* RPG Maker DLC 라이선스 정리 : http://etude87.tistory.com/126
* RPG Maker RTP 정리 : http://etude87.tistory.com/161
* RPG Maker 시리즈 한글패치 정리 : http://etude87.tistory.com/174
* 쯔꾸르 시리즈 이용 규약 : http://etude87.tistory.com/171