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2013.11.04 13:54

TEXT PLUGIN by Kazesui

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#. 리드미 내용



Dynamic Text Plugin for RPG Maker 2003 ver 1.10

For DynRPG version 0.13 or higher

By Kazesui


This plugin allows you to generate text to anywhere on the screen. It gives you instructions to create, edit, move and remove text. You can even adjust the transparency of the text by adjusting the transparency of the associated picture.



To install the plugin, make sure that you have patched your project with cherry's DynRPG patch

which can be found here: http://cherrytree.at/dynrpg

Then go to the DynPlugins folder in this demonstration project and copy both the "DynTextPlugin.dll" to the DynPlugins folder in your own project. You would possibly want to

Copy the content of the "DynRPG.ini" file in the demonstration project folder as well.



The text in this plugin will be drawn right before a picture with ID of your choice. You can choose

which Picture ID needs to be shown for the text to draw in the DynRPG.ini file.

Open this in a text editor and you'll see something along the lines of:



This sets the default picture ID your text images will be associated with. You can however specify in parameters if you want the image to be associated with another picture ID. This is used to mainpulate which layer the texts are shown, like which pictures the texts will be shown above or below.

Also, by adjusting the transparency of a picture, all the associated text images will change transparency along with the picture. This allows for easy fading by a single move picture command.


But as said above, remember that the picture associated with any text image must be active (i.e. show picture for that id must have been called), for the text images to show!


once this is done you can use comment commands in the rpg maker 2003 editor to access the features of the plugin. Examples of this is demonstrated in the demo project.

comment commands are used like this:

you start by typing the command you wish to use, i.e. 


and you then list up parameters to decide the role of the text. An example of a command would be

@write_text "myText", 10, 10, "Hello World", 0

notice how myText and Hello World has double quotation around them. This is neccessary for any parameter dealing with actual text. It's also important to seperate parameters with a , (comma).

The first parameter in all instructions is the "identifier tag".

This tells us which text you want to work on. In the example we created a text piece called "myText". if we later want to remove that text we simply use the same identity when we call @remove_text.

notice that the contents of a text can be given as a text, using double quotation, or even as a number, meaning you can use variables as well to decide the content of the text. For example by


@change_text "myText", V10, 0

we change the text we created up there to contain whatever value is found in variable 10. Change the number into whatever variable you'd like to access instead.

The parameters for color is given from 0 to 19, and contains the same colours as given by your system set. This means that this is equivalent to the use of \c[n] where n is a number of your choice.

It's possible to use 9 special commands within the text string itself. These are:

\x[text identifier] returns image text from the text object with the chosen text identifier

\n[number] returns the name of a hero given by the chosen number

\N[number] returns the rank of the hero with ID equal to the chosen number

\v[number] returns the value stored in variable with ID equal to the chosen number

\i[number] returns the name of the Item with same ID as the chosen number

\I[number] returns the item description of the item with same ID as the chosen number

\t[number] returns the skill name of the item with ID equal to the chosen number

\T[number] returns the the skill description of the skill with ID equal to chosen number

\a[number] returns the ailment / condition of equal ID as the chosen number

It's possible to use these commands within both text identifiers, and text images, allowing you to easily

loop through a list items/skills if neccessary. For this purpose, it's also possible to nest commands. This means you can type \i[\v[20]] to get the item name with ID equal to the value of variable 0020.




parameter#1: identifier tag for the text

parameter#2: x coordinate of the text

parameter#3: y coordinate of the text

parameter#4: text to be shown in the text

parameter#5: (optional) "fixed" is typed here if text moves with map

parameter#6: (optional) Color to be used on the text

parameter#7: (optional) Set picture id to be associated with


parameter#1: identifier tag for text to append to

parameter#2: new line of text to append below the first one

parameter#3: "end" (i.e. just write anything here)


parameter#1: identifier tag for text to append to

parameter#2: text string to append to the text

parameter#3: "end" (i.e. just write anything here)


parameter#1: identifier tag for text to change

parameter#2: content of new text

parameter#3: color to be used in the text


parameter#1: identifier tag for the text to move

parameter#2: x coordinate of new position

parameter#3: y coordinate of new position


parameter#1: identifier tag for text to remove

parameter#2: "end" (i.e. just write anything here)


- removes all texts created with the plugin

Who's 습작


* 게임소재 자료실 관리자 (2012.04.17 ~ ) / 게임리뷰 게시판 관리자 (2012.08.23 ~ )
* 개인 블로그 : https://eternalworld.tistory.com
└ RPG Maker VX/Ace 메뉴 편집기 등 배포
* 리뷰 블로그 : https://etude87.tistory.com
└ RPG Maker 시리즈 한글패치 정리, 쯔꾸르 시리즈 이용 규약 등 소개
* 프리 게임 한글화 DB : https://freegame.tistory.com
└ 한글화된 해외 무료 게임 정리

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